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The 2007 NFL Draft has come and gone, so it's time for everyone's favorite feature: Draft Grades! Remember, these grades just reflect my opinion, and the draft is such an inexact science that I'm fully aware that some (many?) grades will end up being way off. But who cares? The NFL Draft is all about entertainment for fans, and debating how the teams did is most of the fun!
That was a long day one! The live blog is now complete, and updated with 2007 NFL Draft Day One Grades. Check 'em out, and re-live the longest day in NFL draft history!
2007 NFL Draft Early Entrants
Every year, dozens of underclassmen decide to put their degrees on hold and declare themselves eligible for the NFL Draft. While it's tough to judge whether each is making a good decision or not until the draft actually happens, check this page often for a running list of student-athletes who have decided to drop "student" from their title, and my thoughts on their outlook for the 2007 NFL Draft.
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As you surely know by now, we've recently had our first of what will hopefully be many trades involving top-ten picks. The Atlanta Falcons have agreed to send backup quarterback Matt Schaub and the 10th pick in the draft to the Texans for the 8th pick in the draft, this year's second round pick (39th overall) and next year's second round pick. While it's not a huge shakeup to the draft order, it certainly has ramifications for both teams, which we'll look at in this article.
If you'll remember, I gave you some off-season battles to watch about a month ago. Well, in that time we've seen the Combine and plenty of Pro Day workouts, so it's time to revisit those battles and see who's on top!
Though the prospects in the 2007 NFL Draft have played their last college football game, their draft status is far from being determined. Check out this list of position "battles" that will surely play out this off-season, and have a potentially major impact on who your team selects.
Poll Analysis #2 :: 1/19/07
It's Friday, which means that it's time to take a look at the results of the poll. This week I asked you what you thought the Cleveland Browns should do with the #3 pick in the 2007 NFL Draft - which by all counts isn't a very appealing spot to be choosing. Read on for the results. Also, remember to vote in the new poll to your left, and check back in a week for the results.
Poll Analysis #1 :: 1/12/07
See that poll over there to the left? Well, it's not just there to take up space - it gives us a snapshot of football fans' opinions on a certain issue. So, let's analyze it! This week I asked which quarterback you thought should be the #1 pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, and the response was very interesting, to say the least. Read on to get my thoughts. Also, check back each Friday for a new poll, as well analysis of the previous one.

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Wait, so the clear-cut best player in the draft isn't going to be the #1 pick? Did Houston start a trend?
Draft Class Poll
Of these teams, who "won" this year's draft?
Arizona Cardinals (a lot of big-name picks)
Atlanta Falcons (Filled needs and got value)
Cleveland Browns (Franchise QB + Franchise LT?)
Detroit Lions (Calvin Johnson)
Minnesota Vikings (AP at 7)
New England Patriots (Meriweather + Moss + 1st rounder next year)
Oakland Raiders (JaMarcus + other big-name picks)
San Francisco 49ers (Franchise LB, potential franchise LT, Darrell Jackson)
Someone else! [please email me to explain, because I can't think of an argument for any other team 'winning' the draft]

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